Cosmos of Evermore Cruises is the first luxury yacht cruise ship, ever to sail in the Greek seas.

Measuring 70 m in length, 10 m in width and 3 m draught, COSMOS is a historic vessel, that’s been totally reconstructed and fully renovated to the most modern standards of naval architecture and the strictest safety standards of the ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) classification society. It is cruising with service speed up to 16 m/h and has a capacity of 600 passengers.

For the interior the designing statement was to create luxury, through clean cuts, using upscale decoration material and high-end furniture.

The six brand new bars, in various locations on board the vessel, were designed for unique leisure and luxury experience to serve passenger’s needs. The four spacious luxurious lounges, have their own different pattern décor which creates a beautiful mosaic of styles and colors offering passengers comfort and entertainment that the cruise market has never experienced before.

COSMOS is equipped with audio-visual systems of the highest technology, 17 TV sets running independently, covering all customer’s requirements and a modern kitchen featuring the latest equipment for all kinds of cuisines. An exclusive First-Class Cabin, located on the Top Deck of the ship, elevates privacy, relaxation, and luxury. Equipped with a king-sized bed, two televisions, prive ́ lounge, mini-bar, and a private bathroom with shower, is comparable to a 5-star hotel experience. The facilities provided on board, are similar to top of the range standards.

Cosmos is an ideal setting for both private and corporate events such as parties, weddings and celebrations of all sorts.

The exterior spaces on Cosmos are similarly stunning and culminate in the luxurious top deck. It’s here that passengers find polished wooden floors, impressive shades in futuristic shapes and hidden lighting. All the furnishings are made from materials of the highest quality. The stylish design and minimal decoration introduces passengers to the wonderful experience of sailing on a luxurious yacht.

VIP Cruise

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Cosmos’ luxury VIP cruise from Athens is the ultimate travel experience for distinguished passengers who appreciate privacy and exclusivity. Our luxury VIP travel is in a class of its own with exclusive advantages and a more affordable cruise package, with more value for privileged VIP services. Our philosophy, in two words, is ‘Unforgettable Hospitality’ and you can expect a five-star, journey of the senses on your one day cruise from Athens (Hydra, Poros, Aegina).

The VIP lounge of Cosmos with capacity +80 passengers, promises her customers an unforgettable VIP cruise experience.

When cruising with our ships, our distinguished passengers will experience the utmost in comfort for luxury travel on your adventure cruise. Our VIP areas, promises our passengers a new standard of comfort, entertainment and luxury on the Athens Day Cruise to the Saronic Islands.

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